Monday, June 9, 2014

Tips For Making Money By Shopping At Garage Sales

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You begin to realize that opportunities to make money exist in great abundance, as soon as you get in the habit of looking for these opportunities. One of the big ways in which these opportunities exist - in fact, one of the easiest and most profitable - is selling used items online! And while you might not have piles of useful used items laying around your own house, you can usually find great stuff for sale by others! When you visit garage sales, you will frequently find items being sold for "get rid of it" prices, where you can sell them for much more on eBay.


Starting on a small scale and working your way up is one of the big keys when it comes to buying items at garage sales and reselling them. Your eBay seller rating is important, so if you start out selling a lot of little items, you will be able to build a solid eBay seller rating early on. The optimal goal would be to make only a single, small investment in "product," and to let this investment pay itself back, after which you can use the money to continue buying new items. Start with about $50, buying lots of smaller items; you can double or triple this money, pay your investment back to yourself, and then use only this money for your garage sale shopping from that point forward!

You can start to look for items that you will be able to sell at a higher price once you have established a good seller rating and built up a little reservoir of money. The biggest key here is research; just because you might think something will sell for a high price does not mean it will! Learn to be proactive instead of reactive in your garage sale shopping, knowing what you are looking for before you head out there!

There is really nothing more to making money on eBay than simply finding items that others want and making these items available for auction. Once you get into a good groove of finding the items people want, your initial investment can start to seriously grow!

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