Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Making Good Money As A Barista

The truth about making money from home

More than likely, you are being paid a basic wage if you are working as a barista, but there is also the opportunity for you to make some money on tips - and while you might be able to get by off of the basic wage, it is always nice to be able to pull in a little extra money. While some of the factors that will determine the tips you receive (such as where you work, how hard your coworkers work, et cetera) will be outside of your control, there is still a variety of things that you will be able to control on your own.

One of the best ways to make money as a barista is to smile a lot; it can get tiring to smile all day long, but you need to remember that each new customer has no clue if you were smiling earlier; they only know what they see during their time in the store!

Another great way for you to make money in tips is by being able to answer questions; even though most customers will be content to purchase their drink and leave, you will certainly run into those customers who want to know about a number of different menu items before they make a choice, and it will certainly help you if you are able to help them!

And of course, keep in mind the fact that people are unlikely to tip you if they cannot see the tip jar; while the place where you work might have rules about what you can do to make the tip jar noticeable, you should take advantage of everything that is allowed - putting the tip jar in a location where people will see it, and adorning it in such a way that it stands out.

When you follow these tips, you will be taking care of the things that are in your control to take care of - and in this way, you will increase the chances of getting the tips you are hoping to get!

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