Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tips For Getting Music You Like On Pandora

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If you work an office job, or if you spend any significant amount of time hanging around and talking to your friends, you have probably been told “how awesome” Pandora is – but in spite of this, many people have started a Pandora account of their own and have still felt like they are not getting out of it what other people are. Of course, Pandora is an online “radio station” in which you can set up stations that play the music you like – but if you do not know how to take the proper approach to Pandora, you can end up not getting the music you like at all.


A lot of people have a tendency to only set up one or two Pandora stations, which is a mistake, as they neglect to acknowledge that it is not abnormal for them to feel like listening to different types of music depending on what sort of mood they are in; instead of setting up one station, you should set up several – each with a different theme – in addition to setting up an “all of the above” station.

It will also be important for you to be judicious with your “like” and “dislike” buttons; Pandora allows you to “like” and “dislike” any song, but when you “like” a song, Pandora will try to play more songs like it, and when you “dislike” a song, Pandora will never play that song – or songs they deem to be similar to that song – again. Rather than clicking the “like” button for every song you like and the “dislike” button for every song you do not like, you should only click the “like” button for songs you absolutely love, ane you should try to employ the "dislike" button only on songs you truly despise.

You will be much more successful in your efforts to set up stations that you love when you take this approach to Pandora, rather than getting stuck listening to music that you really cannot stand!

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