Sunday, February 1, 2015

How Important Is A College Education For Me?

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One thing that seems to be a hot button topic these days is how important it is to get a college education; after all, there are many young people who graduate from high school, spend a great deal of money (much of which they have to pay back over the ensuing years) on a college education, and then find that they are unable to get a job. At the same time, of course, lots of different sources will inform you that it is not only useful to have a college education these days, but that it is in fact vital - and if you want to break down the answer to this issue yourself, you need to know what category you (or your high school son or daughter) fall in!)

The first category of high schoolers (perhaps the rarest of all high schoolers) is those who know exactly what they hope to do for a living, and who do not need a degree in order to accomplish this dream; if you (or your high school child) know what you want to do, and if this chosen career does not require a degree, it is relatively pointless to spend the money to get a degree!

The second category still includes those who know what they want to do, but it stretches to those who also need a degree in order to achieve this; there are plenty of jobs these days for which you need a degree, and if you are wanting to work one such job, you will - of course - need to pursue higher education!

And then there is the vast majority of high schoolers, who tend to not know for sure what they want to do after high school; for such people, it is a tossup as to whether or not college is the right decision - but while it might be useful to have that degree in your back pocket, you should also remember that school is always there waiting for you if you want to attend later on, and it will be nice for those student loans to not be there waiting for you!

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