Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Makings of a Memorable TV Show

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TV shows are numerous and there have been many over the years. Over the long haul only a select few of them have proven to be memorable. Of these memorable shows there have been many common features. The show usually has a plot that is very well rounded and well written. Poor writing is definitely not the key to going on to become very memorable for shows. A story that is told differently than any other is another feature they usually share.

Lost is one of the most memorable shows in recent memory and these two characteristics were featured. The story of people that survived an island plane crash was the basis for Lost. What really grabbed people during its first season was the pilot episode which was the priciest of all time. The natural beauty of Hawaii and the quality acting turned in was what kept people involved after this pilot episode was over with. The small tidbits of odd happenings kept the viewers watching for the seasons to come.

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This story was also told in a very unique way. Throughout these seasons the show used flashes of different time frames in order to help tell the story of the characters and their past. Their current predicament on the island usually mirrored their flashback story off the island. The issue was usually worked out on the island and the character overcame their setback within each episode. This story of redemption allowed the viewers to connect with each character.

The third season in the series has to be considered the best. This season of the series was the one that started to explain the story better than the two previous. Glimpses of what was to come in following season were also given. The climax of this season was the finale which was shocking and jarring for longtime viewers. The ability to rewatch these seasons makes sure Lost will be remembered. Get all of the seasons on DVD and start enjoying now.

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