Friday, September 11, 2015

Tips For Managing Money As The Commissioner Of A Fantasy Football League

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There will be a lot of things on your plate when you are running a fantasy football league, but while some leagues play for the pure fun and competition of fantasy football, most leagues play for money - where everyone puts in a certain amount, and the money is doled out as "prize money" at the end of the season - and if you are the head of a league in which money is at stake, managing this money properly is one of the biggest things you will need to make sure you do.

Of course, the first step to managing money as the commissioner of your fantasy football league will be making sure everyone pays you at the beginning of the season; if all of you live in the same city, this should be easy, but if some of you live in different parts of the country, use a service such as Serve or PayPal to collect the money - and be strict about the fact that anyone who does not pay before the season will not be part of the league!

Of course, considering the fact that money is at stake, there is a chance you will run into those rare instances in which two players collude with one another (for instance, if one person is having a horrible season, and they trade one of their best players for practically nothing, you must assume there is a chance they were compensated with actual money); if this is the case, you will want to have everyone in the league vote, and you will need to cancel the trade if more than half the members of the league agree that the trade was unfair.

And while the hope is that you will not have to face such underhanded dealings, one responsibility you will face is knowing how you will divvy up the money at the end of the season; some leagues do a percentage of the money for the division winners, with another percentage for the champion, while others give all the money to the champion. No matter what your league decides to do, it will be absolutely vital that it is decided before the season begins, and that everyone is in agreement with the plan, as this will help the money-side of things run much more smoothly, and will make the other aspects of the season a lot more fun!

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