Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Getting To Know Twitter

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These days, it seems like you find Twitter just about everywhere you look, and not just online, as even news broadcasts and television shows seem to talk about Twitter; if you do not have a Twitter account of your own, however, you might not quite understand what Twitter is, how it is used, or how you can use it yourself.

If you have a facebook account, the easiest way to think about Twitter is as being the same thing as a facebook status update – except, of course, that it is not on facebook, and that Twitter limits you to 140 characters (which means letters, numbers, punctuation, and spaces).

On Twitter, you will have your “home page” (which is where you will see a live stream of tweets from every person you follow), as well as your “profile page” (where everyone can go to see all your tweets); if you want to see someone’s tweets as part of your feed, you can follow them – or, you can read someone's tweets every once in a while by simply bookmarking their profile page and visiting it whenever you want.

You can also “tag” people in posts by using the “@” symbol, followed by that person’s Twitter name; if you tag someone at the start of a tweet, it will not show up in the news feeds of others, whereas your tweets will still show up in others’ news feeds if you tag people in the middle of a tweet.

Of course, regardless of where within a tweet you tag someone, people will still be able to see any of your tweets when they visit your profile page, so if you want to send a private message to someone, send them a “direct message” on Twitter, instead of simply tagging them.

There are lots of different things for which people use Twitter – to keep up with news or with their favorite celebrities, to interact with friends, or simply to post thoughts of their own – but regardless of how you end up using Twitter yourself, the first thing you need is to understand what it even is!

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