Thursday, February 11, 2016

What to Look For When You Purchase An Electric Toothbrush

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Although minty fresh breath is a great reason to brush your teeth, it is not the only health benefit to oral health. Poor dental health is beginning to be connected to heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, and stroke. Your lifespan can be increased simply by keeping your gums and teeth healthy.

Now days many dentists recommend getting an electronic toothbrush because they have found that they are more effective then manual brushing. More plaque is removed from the teeth with electronic toothbrushes. You can also improve your gum health by using electronic toothbrushes. This is all very important for oral health.

If you want to purchase an electronic toothbrush there are a number of features to consider. The batteries, the movement of the bristles, and the ability to replace the head are all things to consider. I would highly recommend finding a brush where you can change the heads once a month. You will end up replacing the entire brush if you don't find a brush with a replaceable head.

You also need to assess how much you want to spend. There are disposable brushes and models that are intended to be reused for a very long time. Most of the long term electronic toothbrushes all contain rechargable batteries and can be used for a very long time.  Some examples of this are Oral B and Sonicare. These models typically run above $100 dollars but are well worth the money. The main difference between these two models are Sonicare offers a side to side motion while Oral B is a rotational movement.

If the expensive options are not cost efficient for you, you can look at Arm and Hammers Spin Brush Pro Clean. This also offers changeable heads, which is a good sign for their quality of prodcut, and the option of replacing batteries instead of recharging them. This specific model is priced at about $10 but there are other good models that are found closer to the $20 mark.

Though there are a couple of acceptions, almost any electronic toothbrush is better then manual brushing. Consult with your dentist to which electronic toothbrush will work the best for you needs.

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