Friday, May 6, 2016

Bike Helmets For Children Tips and Tricks

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If our children are going to be riding bikes it is important to teach them proper bike safety. Many parents are very unaware of how to properly fit a bike helmet. An ill fitting helmet does nothing to keep your kids safe.  It is of the utmost important things you can do is have a helmet fit correctly. Here are some suggestions to help you get a helmet that is well fitted.

You will need to start by measuring your child head with a tape measure.  This will give you a rough idea of what size you need to consider in a helmet. Have them try on the helmet and adjust the straps so that the helmet sits on the top of the head not in the back. The straps should be snug.  There should be no loose straps were you can see a lot of air between it and your skin. There should not be too much wiggle when you shift the helmet. You want to purchase a helmet that fits them now.  Don't purchase one that they can grown into later.  Plan on purchasing new helmets your child grows. I know it is convenient to purchase one helmet that will last a long time but it is not the safest thing for your children.

If your child has a hard crash and bunked their head, you will need to replace their helmet. This is pretty much the standard recommendation. Helmets do need to be replaced do to wear and tear also.  There is some disagreement as to when this had to be done though.  The range seems to be between three and eight years. I know this is a long range, but alot of it depends on how you take care of your helmet. With kids you may be replacing them that often anyway because of growth.

Try to find helmets with vents even if you need to pay a little more for them. Most children’s helmets don’t have this feature and kids can get over heated while they are peddling around. It is easier to talk kids into wearing a helmet if it is comfortable to them. If you can find a selection of helmets with vents, let your kiddo pick out their own.

Make sure you also wear a helmet when you ride your bike. Children learn best from example so if you don’t wear a helmet, they are not likely to.

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