Monday, May 16, 2016

Do High Fiber Diets Promote Weight Loss?

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Many weight loss programs have touted the idea that a high fiber diet will result in weight loss, regardless of portion control and calorie counting. Proponents of high fiber weigh tloss programs are relying on feelings of fullness to stop you from overeating calorie-wise. High fiber diet proponents are relying on fiber to counteract the impact of high sugar foods, which makes sense in theory, but doesn't always work efficiently enough in reality.

It's true that fiber is excellent for you, especially if you're trying to lose weight. Fiber acts as a cleaning brush that goes through your intestines, scraping out excess waste and promoting better digestion and elimination. And true to rumor, fiber makes you feel full. Fiber helps your body handle high sugar foods without causing super high blood sugar level spikes, which cause your body to release insulin. Because fiber keeps your blood sugar level steady, it also protects you against blood sugar spikes and crashes, which can trigger even more overeating as you try to compensate for the crash.

But can you rely on a high fiber diet to help you lose weight?

It's true that fiber will fill you up, but it will also distend your stomach, stretching it such that you will need more food to feel satisfied. That means you will be able to eat even more without feeling stuffed. Eating a high fiber diet also doesn't stop you from packing in the calories through calorie-dense foods such as icing, custard, and ice cream. The conclusion is it's not enough to simply eat a high fiber diet and hope to lose weight.

The healthy solution? Fill your daily menu with high fiber foods, but pay attention to your other foods choices as well. Use portion control, count calories, and get daily exercise, limiting high calorie foods and relying on calorie-control and exercise to shed pounds.

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