Sunday, May 15, 2016

How To Stay Awake Without Coffee

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If you drink coffee on a regular basis, it is probable that you have spent years hearing conflicting reports about whether coffee is or is not healthy for you, and in fact, you may have reached a point where you no longer pay attention or even care at all - but while the general consensus these days seems to be that coffee is really not so bad for you at all, there is still the undeniable fact that it is not good for your body to be dependent upon any one thing. And although many regular coffee drinkers claim that they are actually not affected at all by caffeine, they would find that this is not truly the case were they to go a few days without it - and if you have realized that this is the position you are in, here are a few things you can do to stay awake without coffee, even if just to wean yourself off to a point where you are no longer dependent on it.


The most seemingly obvious approach to staying awake without coffee is to know how much sleep your body needs, and to get this amount - but this is not quite as simple as it sounds, as each person's body actually requires slightly different amounts of sleep, and what's more, you can feel sluggish if you get too much sleep just as you can if you get too little, so you should figure out how much sleep leaves you feeling optimal, and then you should always aim to get exactly this amount.

Pushing back the time of day when you make your coffee is another thing that can help your body to start being less dependent on caffeine; by either pushing back your "coffee time" by five minutes each day or by a half hour each week, you will eventually reach a point where you no longer actually need coffee at all.

And if you are looking for something that can replace the energy boost you get from caffeine, you should try eating foods such as oats and apples, as each of these go a long way in giving your body the energy it needs!

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