Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Exploring Three Fun Games To Play In The Pool

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You know how much fun a pool can be if you have one of your own - but you are also probably aware of the fact that it can sometimes be difficult to figure out exactly what you should do in the pool, as there is only so much time you can spend having fun by just catching rays or swimming laps! If you hope to get the most out of your pool, it will be important that you have some games that you enjoy playing in the pool, and while there are certainly lots of different possibilities when it comes to games (and while you can even make up your own if you would like to!), here are a few games that are always great to try.

Diving games: There are plenty of different diving games you can consider trying, ranging from simple ones like taking turns with someone else trying to do spectacular dives, or having one person dive into the water while the other person throws rings into the shallow end that the diver has to swim down and get before coming up for breath!

Basketball: Even though basketball is a bit more structured than "diving games," there are still plenty of creative things you can do if you have a basketball goal alongside your pool, as games can range from HORSE to 21 to two on two or three on three basketball if you have enough people!

Raft games: There are lots of different creative games you will be able to come up with on the rafts that you have for your pool; you can play tag, with everyone stuck on rafts, or you can battle, to where everyone has to try and knock others off rafts, or you can play games where you work together and have to try and throw something from raft to raft without allowing it to fall in the pool!

There are no rules when it comes to having fun in the pool; you simply need to be willing to be creative, and be willing to have a bit of fun, and you will really start getting the most out of your pool!

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