Thursday, April 25, 2013


Viral marketing is the best way to get your content out fast to a wide audience in a short amount of time, and has the potential to make you tons of profits fast. A viral e-book is an e-book which encourages people to share your content with others and can help you to grow your business by leaps and bounds. Here’s how you create a viral e-book.
-Give away free-sharing rights. Meaning to say, you give your readers the right to freely share your e-book with their friends and followers. Because your e-book is in the pdf format, it can’t be edited so what people share is what others will receive.
-The important thing here is that you must sprinkle links to your website or business blog throughout the e-book so that whenever someone reads your book, they will know where to go to find more information of interest.
-Content is king, as the popular saying goes. The more valuable your content is, the more likely someone is to share your e-book with others. If it’s really good, you’ll soon be seeing raving reviews about your e-book among the netizens.
-Give people a call to action. Here’s one method: At the end of your e-book, kindly ask your readers to share it with their friends and followers if they liked it. A call to action usually results in higher percentage of people taking action, as simple as it sounds.
-Include a way for you to share it. You can include the Facebook sharing link inside yoru e-book so people can simply click on the link and share your viral e-book with their friends (the link should send people to the download page or landing page, of course)
Follow these methods, and getting new leads for your business will be a walk in the park.

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