Thursday, March 6, 2014

How to Create a PDF Report to Give Away- 3 Steps to Creating a Great Report

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One of the best ways you can build your online
business is by giving away free information.

When you give away free information you're more
than likely doing it in exchange for an e-mail

One of the best pieces of information you can
give away is a free report.

The reason a report is so valuable is because it
allows you to give something with a higher
perceived value.

For many people, a PDF report is seen as
something that is high in quality.

Compare that to e-mail lessons that might not be
seen as having the same high quality information.

When creating a report, there are few common
rules you need to follow that I'd like to explain.

Step #1- Create a Killer Name for Your Report

The name is everything in your report. Nobody
wants to read a report called "Make Money Online"
or "Lose Weight Fast".

Most people will be attracted to the shiny piece
of material that you're offering them.

One of the best ways you can do this at first is
to create a great name for the product you're

You also have a better change of your PDF report
going viral if it has a better name.

Step #2- Format Your Report the Right Way

When you create your report, you have to make it
easy for people to read.

By creating it as a PDF you're already doing it
the right way.

However, make sure that you break up the report
nicely so it is easy to read.

Most people get turned off when they see a whole
bunch of text jumbled together.

You can break this up by making the paragraphs
smaller and adding images in to give their eyes a

It will also make your report look a lot more

Step #3- Give Your Report Away in Exchange for

While your report doesn't cost anything, it's
important that you try and get something in

Usually the best thing you can do is to get an
e-mail address so you can help build your list.

If the report is good, then other people will
link to your site and that will help you build
your list.

It's also important to create links in your
report that are for affiliate products or links
that go back to your site.

This way, people who access your report via a
direct link will still be of benefit to you.

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