Saturday, December 5, 2015

A Look At Three Things To Know About French Press Coffee

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If you are a fan of coffee, you have probably heard it said that one of the smoothest cups of coffee you can enjoy is coffee made in a French press, but while this is certainly true, this statement comes with an "only if"; French press coffee is some of the smoothest and most delicious coffee you can enjoy, but only if you make it the right way!
As is the case with any type of coffee you venture to drink, the beans you use will be as big a part of the flavor as anything else, but in addition to making sure you are only using high-quality beans for your French press, it will also be important that the beans are ground properly; if the beans are ground too fine, your coffee will not only taste too bitter, but will also be grainy, as pieces of the grounds will make their way into your cup, so either have your beans ground coarse when you buy them, or purchase a burr grinder and do the grinding on your own!

It is easy to make French press coffee, but it will be important to make sure you are not skipping any steps in making it, or it will not turn out right; when you pour the hot water over the beans, pour slowly and evenly, so that all the beans are hit directly with the hot water, then stir using a plastic spoon (so as not to scratch the glass) and let your coffee concoction sit for about four minutes to get the full flavor.
Finally, realize that French press coffee is the ultimate "drink it black" coffee - but even if you are not a fan of black coffee, you should drink your French press coffee right away, as it is best enjoyed fresh, rather than stored in a thermos and saved for later.
If you have a French press, or if you have been thinking of buying a French press, follow these tips, and you will be able to get the most out of the wonderful flavor and experience afforded by this type of coffee.


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