Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Should I Buy Books In Stores Or On Amazon?

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You might be overwhelmed by how many options there are for book-buying, no matter if you have been shopping for books for ages or have just recently started. In addition to such big-name stores as Borders and Barnes & Noble, there are also all those independent bookstores out there. Furthermore, the Internet has opened up the options even further, with the presence of Amazon. If you are wondering where you can get the best deals on books, and where you should plan to shop, this guide can help you in narrowing down your choices.

One thing that the big-name places such as Borders and Barnes & Noble offer is the convenience of being able to browse a huge selection in a single location. Because these bookstores buy in bulk, they are also able to give out great deals on their books sometimes, and they even have rewards programs that can help you get books for free.

Independent bookstores, on the other hand, are usually locally-owned bookstores that have a smaller selection and even slightly higher prices. It might seem like there are no real advantages to shopping at these independent stores over the big-name stores, but actually, there are! For one, the owners of such stores are usually genuinely interested in getting to know their customers and helping them out; for another, you can support a local business and - oftentimes - local writers by shopping indie.

And of course, there is the option of Amazon, which has become one of the most popular options for book-buyers. You might assume that Amazon will cost you more money than other places, because you will be stuck paying for shipping. But not only will you find a larger selection on Amazon than a bookstore could ever hope to offer, you will also find that they often have great deals on their books.

If you are wanting to support local, independent businesses and authors, you should definitely consider spending a couple extra dollars on the books you buy. And if you are not in a position to support independent bookstores and need a good deal on books, definitely shop for your books on Amazon. It might seem inconvenient to have to wait for your books to arrive, but the convenience of shopping from home, as well as the great selection and great deals, make it more than worth it!

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