Thursday, May 15, 2014

Review of Amazon's Cloud Player

Amazon was one of the first of major players to release their cloud drive, which works in conjunction with their cloud player. The cloud player which works both as a web based application or an android exclusive, allows you to stream your music from the cloud.

Amazon made a smart move by offering a free 5 gigs of storage to all their current customers. Helping to encourage users to sample their service. Easily allowing you to upload your own music, you can then play it back directly to your android phone or your web player.

They went out of their way to make the web interface simple to use and to upload your files. The largest limitation is that they require you to upload your files from a web browser only. They do offer a downloadable client which scans your hard drive for music and gives you an option to import your itunes playlists.

Amazon has been working hard to take on Apple's iTunes store. Also rumored that Apple is currently working on a similar solution to offer for their iphones. Amazon has been working very hard to pull customers into using their service for purchasing digital music. Such as a free upgrade to 20 gigs of storage if you purchase an album online this year. They have also set it up so any mp3s purchased on their store won't count against your storage limits. All in effect, to help them draw customers away from using iTunes to purchase.

The player's interface is designed well on the android and is clean and easy to use. Overall the entire setup works great and is simple and easy to use. Like any player they support playlists, album art, etc. However there are a few limitations. Storage costs are high for cloud storage, you are unable to upload from a mobile device, and they currently only support AAC and MP3 formats. Limitations or not, the service is more than worth checking out.

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