Friday, October 10, 2014

Keep Your Customers Coming Back For More

Are you on fire and ready to change your life by building a million dollar business in the direct sales industry?

Anyone in business surely has learned the importance of making sure their customers keep coming back for more. After all, 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers - and no matter how many times you have heard that, it is always worth hearing again! In order to stay in business, any company needs to make sure this "20%" stays happy so that they will remain loyal, and they also need to make sure they know how to turn the "80%" into loyal customers as well.

A lot of businesses fail before they get any serious traction because they focus so much of their energy on gaining new customers before they ever take the time to focus on the customers who are coming back. New customers should not be your first priority, because - although new customers are important - they are not your main source of profit.

There are several ways to keep your repeat customers happy, but the best way is to find out what they say! If you get to know your customers, you will be able to find out their opinions on different things you are doing with your business. This is a great benefit, as you can find out what they like, and you can also find out what they dislike! If your business is too large to allow you to get to know your customers individually, create ways for your customers to voice their opinions, whether this is by customer surveys, an special email address, or online response forms.

Once you have built a good foundation for keeping your current customers happy and loyal, you can begin to go after new customers. Advertising is a great way to get new customers in, but advertising alone will not help you keep new customers; you need to also create a sense of loyalty. Again, if you are small, get to know each new customer who comes your way; in this way, you will not stay small for long! And for large companies, by creating a sense of community and familiarity with new customers, you will ensure that they will keep coming back.

It is not difficult to make your business fail; but if you learn how to keep your customers coming back, it is also not difficult to succeed!

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