Thursday, August 27, 2015

Taking A Look At Idea Walks

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No matter what you do for work or what your life is like, there is a good chance you sometimes find yourself "stuck" on an idea or issue - regardless of whether it is something that has to do with work, your family, your personal life, or any number of other things. And while different people find that they are able to get "unstuck" at such times using different approaches, one thing that seems to work for people across the board is spending a bit of time alone and taking a walk in order to "get over the hump" - and if you have ever found that such "Idea Walks" work well for you (or if you would like to find out whether an Idea Walk would work well for you), here are a few great approaches to try.

Morning Idea Walk: If you are taking an Idea Walk in the morning, the best way to do it is to get outside around the same time the sun is coming up; make sure your walk is taking you through a scenic setting, where you will be able to see the sun coming up.

Afternoon Idea Walk: Because there is so much "hustle and bustle" in the world in the middle of the afternoon, it can be more difficult to find a quiet place for an afternoon Idea Walk; your aims for an afternoon Idea Walk should be to find a place that is shaded, quiet, and cool.

Evening Idea Walk: The evening is the best time to take an Idea Walk in an area that has other people around, as most of the people around will be unwinding from their day; look for a quiet neighborhood or a subdued park, and enjoy a pleasant evening of walking and thinking.

Each person tends to find that there are a few unique specifics that help them to get "unstuck," but the Idea Walk ends up being one of the best approaches for most people - and it is certainly worth trying!

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