Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What Are The Benefits Of An eBook Reader?

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Many people who are long-time book readers find that they are completely against the eBook readers, because "eBooks are not real books!" But even though an eBook certainly cannot replicate the smell and feel of a real book between your hands, there are also a number of advantages to eBook readers - even to loyal book lovers! Read on if you thought that you would never change your mind about eBooks; you just might find that this is not actually the case!

Less expensive: If you go out and buy the actual, hardcover copy of a book right after it comes out, it will usually run you about $25 to $30. If you want to save a bit of money, you might end up having to wait a whole year before you get to read this book you really want, as the paperback is the only copy that will be reasonably priced. You can get a great price on brand new books if you have an eBook reader, however - and you will be able to download the book right into your hands!

Lightweight: If you travel a lot, or if you take public transportation to work, there is a good chance you enjoy bringing a book with you. The problem with this, however, is the fact that you are still stuck lugging this book around with you all day after you get off the subway or the plane! If you own an eBook reader, however, you can carry around something that is easy to bring with you wherever you go, and that weighs a lot less than a hardcover book!

Lots of books: The best part of all about the eBook reader is that it enables you to carry piles of books around at once. This is a fantastic advantage if you are the kind of person who likes to alternate between books, or if you are going on vacation. No longer will you have to try to load six books into your suitcase or your laptop bag; you can bring one "book," and it will have all the books you need.

Even though the eBook reader is not right for everyone, it just might be right for you; consider the benefits, and think about making the switch!

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