Sunday, June 8, 2014

Tips For Standing Out At Your Job

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More than likely, you have heard it said - at least once before in your life - "It's not what you know, but who you know." And when it comes to the business world, this quote is quite true. But rather than "who you know," in business it is "who knows you." If you are working at a company and wondering why you are not receiving the promotions you feel you deserve, it might be because the right people do not "know" you. You need to learn how to stand out at your job in order for the right people to start to take notice.

There is a lot more to standing out at your job than just drawing attention to yourself. After all, you will not be doing much to help you toward that raise or promotion if all the attention you are drawing to yourself is negative attention. Instead, you need to know how to draw positive attention to yourself.

Silently doing more than what is expected of you is one of the biggest ways you can draw positive attention to yourself. By doing more than what is expected of you, you are sure to get people to notice. And when you are doing it silently, just going about your business and not calling for people to notice, people will not just take notice, but they will take positive notice! If you are working on a project team, make it your goal to do more work than anyone else. If you are expected to turn in a report to your boss, make sure the report goes above and beyond what he could have been expecting.

Another great way to draw positive attention to yourself is by showing up to work early all the time, and by leaving work late all the time as well. This might seem like it will make a big dent in your life, but even by consistently showing up fifteen minutes early and staying fifteen minutes late, you will ensure that people take notice. Furthermore, if you examine a "typical day" closely, you will probably find at least thirty wasted minutes hidden in there somewhere! Cut this time out, and use it to draw positive attention to yourself.

It is not difficult to get ahead in the business world. You only have to make sure you are doing good work, and you have to make sure you are doing this good work in such a way that you are drawing positive attention to yourself.

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