Saturday, November 29, 2014

Exploring Sheep Meadow In New York City


People who visit New York City as tourists often find themselves shocked by the heavy noise and crowds that swirl throughout the city. In fact, even those people who visit New York City specifically to experience the crowds and the noise - those people who go knowing full-well what they are in for - are still often shocked by just how thick the noise and crowds are! At the same time, however, New York City has designated a specific little corner of their city as an absolute escape from the noise, hustle, and bustle. This quiet escape is a 15-acre slice of Central Park called Sheep Meadow, where radios and glass bottles and organized sports are not allowed, and where the skyline of Manhattan lays before you with green all around.

It was in the 1800s that Sheep Meadow was carved from Central Park, in order to provide a quiet, serene escape from the city. In fact, sheep actually roamed the meadow up until The Great Depression, but the sheep had to be removed during the Depression, for fear that people would use them for food. Sheep Meadow has become a great gathering place in the city since that time; from May until mid-October, it is open from dawn until dusk.

If you visit New York City, you are sure to take a trip to Central Park to enjoy its vast, legendary expanse. But when you do take this trip to Central Park, make sure you include a stop in Sheep Meadow as part of your journey.

During the daytime - especially when the weather is nice - Sheep Meadow can become rather crowded; but if you get out early enough in the morning, when the locals are walking their dogs and jogging through Central Park, you will be able to enjoy true quiet and serenity, with a breathtaking view of the city; it is an experience one rarely encounters in a city so large. You will be in a large, silent meadow, with the mammoth skyline of Manhattan before you; it is a New York City experience many never have.

A trip to New York City can be fun, but it can also be loud and crowded; a break in Sheep Meadow may be just the antidote you need!

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