Thursday, November 19, 2015

Making A Delicious Breakfast Burrito

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It is always great to be on the lookout for that "next delicious meal," but sometimes, it can seem as though you have run out of ideas; if you have ever felt stuck with what you can prepare for yourself next, one idea to keep in mind is this delicious breakfast burrito - which you can make at any time of day! If you are wanting to make this specific breakfast burrito, you will need a number of different ingredients - but chances are, you probably have most of them in your house already: eggs, cheese, meat (either chicken or steak), peppers, yellow onions, salsa, and flour tortillas.

The first step to making this breakfast burrito is to prepare the meat - and if you prepare a whole lot of it at once, you will be able to save some in a tupperware for later use; heat up some oil in a frying pan and add the onions, frying them until they are brown, then add the meat, and when the meat is nearly finished cooking, add the diced-up peppers.

Now that you have the meat ready, you can make your breakfast burrito whenever you want; toss the meat mix into a frying pan and crack a couple eggs over it, then scramble it all together - and when this mix of onions, peppers, meat, and eggs are almost finished, add a couple spoonfuls of salsa to the pan and mix everything together.

Take all this food and spread it onto a flour tortilla, sprinkle your cheese on top of it, and fold it up like a burrito, but don't eat it yet; add a bit more oil to the pan, and once the oil is hot, place the burrito in the pan and fry it up on both sides, until the tortilla is brown and crispy. At this point, you will have a delicious breakfast burrito on your plate, and the only steps left will be for you to let the burrito cool, and then for you to enjoy eating the burrito!

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