Thursday, May 5, 2016

Finding Foods to Eat When You Have Morning Sickness

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Morning sickness can cause the early part of your pregnancy to be just miserable.  Finding things to eat can be a struggle. There are some foods that can be easy on the stomach and healthy for you at the same time. Here are are a few suggestions that may help you find some foods that will work for you.

Queasy stomaches sometimes do well with fresh fruits. Strawberries and orange juice are two things that may or may not work for you. If you can eat them they are full of vitamins and foliate. Bananas are high in foliate and potassium.  These are both things that pregnant women need very much.

If you can't quite stomach the idea of a burger and need protein, reach for yogurt. Yogert is not only high in proteins but it also has probiotics in it. Probiotics are begining to be linked to a number of health benefits including reducing the risk of yeast infection, and also strengthening your immune system. Malt-o-meal may be a great hot cerial to try on your stomach. This hot cerial is high in protein, iron, and foliate.

You could also consider some lentil soup. Packed with iron, fiber, and protein, lentils are a good thing to try out. Another great mildly flavored food to try is Quinoa. This has a mild nutty flavor and is high in protein and iron. A nice hot breakfast can be made with quinoa if you add a handfull of raisins and a bit of brown sugar.

If you can stomach figs they can be a good source of both iron and fiber. Sweeter fruits can sometimes stay down more easily. A hand full of nuts can also be an easy small snack that carries some decent nutrition. These are high fiber and have some great omega fatty acids in them.

There is no question that it is important for any mother to be to eat as well as they can during pregnancy. This can be incredibly hard to do when nothing you eat sits right. Try different foods from the suggestions above.  Some may sit better then others but you may find a combo that works well for you.

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