Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hanging A Heavy Picture

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You should have no problem accomplishing your task if you are hanging something such as a simple, framed picture on your wall, as you need only to nail a small brad into the wall and hang the picture properly, but many people make the mistake of approaching the task of hanging a heavy picture as if it is exactly as simple, and they often end up botching the job, hurting their walls, and hurting the picture itself!

When it comes to hanging a heavy picture, the first thing you need to do is decide the general location of where the picture will go; this is usually quite easy, as you will typically have an idea of what room you want a particular picture to go in, and even of what wall you plan to use for the picture - and once you have narrowed down your search to the areas you have in mind, you can use a stud finder to figure out which places, among these options, will work.

Once you have accomplished the task of figuring out exactly the places where it is possible to hang the picture, you will need to decide exactly where you want to hang it; have someone hold the picture in place as you step back to get a feel for it in each location, and even consider taking a picture of what it looks like in each spot - comparing and examining these pictures on your computer - before you make your final decision.

And after you have figured out exactly where you will hang it, make sure you are meticulous in accomplishing the final step of actually hanging it; use a level to make sure the picture will be straight, and use a tape measure to ensure that you are spacing the holes apart properly, as this extra care will keep you from ending up with unnecessary holes in your walls!

You may think that hanging a heavy picture is a simple task - but if you approach it as such, you just may end up regretting the damage you have done!

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