Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Taking Good Care Of Your Fountain Pen

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You are probably thrilled with yourself and with your purchase if you recently invested in a fountain pen. A good fountain pen can swoop you back to an era before computers. Fountain pens write smoothly, and they do so without making your hand or wrist ache at all. It even sometimes seems as though a fountain pen enables you to express your thoughts more clearly than you ever could with a computer or a ballpoint pen! But if you recently purchased a fountain pen, there is also a chance that you have come to be frustrated with your purchase. Maybe the ink in your pen has started sticking. Perhaps this new pen of yours is not really writing as smoothly as you expected. You might even have a pen where no ink is coming out at all. If any of these things are happening to you, it might be time for you to learn some things about taking care of your fountain pen.

When you store your fountain pen, the point should always be facing upward - this is one of the first things you should know. If you fail to do this, you will find the ink drying in the nib. Also, you should always keep the cap on your fountain pen whenever it is not in use. This will also help to make sure ink is not drying in the nib.

Do not shake the pen like you would with a regular pen, if the ink gets stuck. Do not start scraping it all across the paper, pressed down really hard! Both of these are bad for your fountain pen. Instead, just take off the back end of the pen, and push the ink down toward the nib just a little bit. Your pen will start writing just fine once you do this, as this will open up the nib.

Finally, remember that you have this fountain pen so that you can write smoothly and easily, without always pressing down so hard. Not only will you negate the benefits of a fountain pen if you get yourself in the habit of pressing down really hard with it, but you will also hurt your pen so that it eventually will no longer work like it is supposed to.

For anyone who enjoys journaling or keeping thoughts in a notebook, there are few joys as wonderful as a fountain pen. And if you learn how to reat your fountain pen, it can be a treat for you for a long, long time.

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