Wednesday, October 5, 2016

How To Stay Awake During A Long Drive At Night

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It is easy for the monotony of the road to make you feel tired when you are driving, but this is never the case more fully than when you are taking a long drive at night, as you are already likely to be tired, and the monotony of the road is likely to compound this tiredness until you are putting yourself at serious risk. Even though you will be safest taking long drives during the times of day when you feel most awake, this is not always a possibility, so it is important for you to make sure you are paying attention to a few specific things you can do to make yourself more awake when you are taking a long drive.

Caffeine and snacks: Of course, caffeine (or energy drinks) is a great way to keep yourself awake at any time, but this is especially the case when you are driving at night and your body is wanting to shut down; snacks are also a great way to make things easier on yourself, as the constant activity of munching on the food will keep you awake by giving you something to do.

Music and air: Listening to (and singing to!) music will also go a long way in keeping you occupied - which translates into "keeping you awake" - and when you vary what you are doing with the air (transforming your car from hot to cold; rolling the windows down for a bit then putting them back up), you will also help to keep yourself awake.

Breaks and rest: Taking frequent breaks from driving - simply to get out and stretch your legs - and even taking short naps if you get really tired (which you can do safely in busy, well-lit travel stop parking lots) are both things that will keep you more awake during a long nighttime drive.

By keeping these tips in mind, it will be easy for you to keep yourself awake - which will benefit you, and will also benefit the other drivers with whom you are sharing the road.

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