Monday, December 8, 2014

How To Take Care Of Your Hot Tub


It is not uncommon to hear horror stories of pool maintenance; in fact, it is not uncommon to hear stories of one little goof - perhaps the wrong dosage of chemicals, or chemicals added at the wrong time, or chemicals forgotten - putting a pool out of commission for weeks. Many people imagine, on the other hand that hot tubs must be a dream to take care of compared to pools. After all, a hot tub is smaller, right? That must mean something. Plus, you don't have the sun shining on your hot tub all day. Hot tubs are probably a piece of cake to take care of; you can probably goof up on hot tubs all the time, and it will hardly even matter, right? Wrong!

Not only is hot tub maintenance more tedious than pool maintenance, but it is also far more important to keep up with. Because it is more difficult to keep levels balanced in a smaller amount of water, hot tubs are more difficult to keep balanced than pools. If you have a hot tub, of if you plan to have a hot tub in the future, remember: Keeping a treatment schedule is the best thing you can do.

When you keep a hot tub schedule, there will be things you need to do each day, things you need to do each week, and things you will have to do each month. Among the things you have to do each day is, you have to make sure your pH levels are balanced. It does not take long to check the pH levels, and as long as they are balanced, you will not have to do anything more each day as far as this goes. Checking it daily is vital, however, as things can swing drastically out of balance in a short span of time. Also, check the waterline every day (or, at least, check it every couple days). Weekly, you need to make sure you add all the important products such as oxidizer, non-chlorine shock, and foam reducer. The best way to remember to do this each week is to pick a specific day on which you will do these things each week. Finally, every month, you should give your hot tub's filters a thorough cleaning.

You, your family, and your friends can all have a lot of fun with your hot tub. And as long as you keep up with the simple, regular maintenance, a hot tub can be very easy to take care of. But if you fail to keep up with this simple maintenance, your hot tub is not likely to be any fun at all!

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