Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Two Great Summer Reads (That Are Even Better Together!)


One of the favorite pastimes of summer is kicking back – on the beach, or by the pool – and reading a great book; but just because a book is a “great book” does not necessarily mean that it is a great summer book, as a great summer book should be short enough to be read in bits and pieces while being absorbing enough to keep you mesmerized. While this description is certainly fulfilled by a number of different books, here are two books in particular – and when you read these two books together, the effect will even be amplified!

One of the two books in question is a classic (after all, it is always best to blend a classic with a modern novel!), and you may have even ready it before; it is The Old Man and the Sea. When high school students are forced to read this book for class, many of them fail to grasp why the book is so highly regarded – but read this book during a lazy summer day while relaxing by a pool or on the beach, and you will surely understand!

The modern novel that is such a tremendous compliment to The Old Man and the Sea is The Great Lenore, which was released this very summer, garnering tremendous reviews. The Great Lenore is the story about a woman who is falsely reported dead, and who uses this as an opportunity to start a new life; the book is set along the beaches of Nantucket, and the ease of reading combined with the magnificent beauty of the story makes The Great Lenore a perfect selection when you are going to be spending time at the beach or at a pool.

You can find great deals on Amazon for both The Old Man and the Sea and The Great Lenore, and when you pick up these two titles and indulge in them during the summer, you will be able to understand exactly what people mean when they talk about experiencing tremendous summer reading experiences!

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