Saturday, December 13, 2014

What Are Antioxidants?


Very few people have a desire to be sick, but there are also far too few people who know that antioxidants are one of the best ways to prevent you being sick. The simplest way to explain antioxidants is that they help the body by impairing the oxidation of other molecules. While the word "impair" typically has a negative connotation, you must also remember that there are certain molecules in the body you do not want oxidized. For instance, brain diseases (including even Alzheimer's!) are linked to the oxidation of certain molecules. Antioxidants can also help to fight and even prevent heart disease. Finally, through exercise you can open yourself up to over-oxidation, which can lead to muscle fatigue. Because of all this, it is vital for each person to understand what antioxidants are and to also understand how to get antioxidants into the body.

Some antioxidants are vitamins, such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E. This means that many fruits and vegetables are a great source for antioxidants. If you have a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables, you will be introducing more antioxidants into your body, and you will be decreasing your body's susceptibility to disease.

Another great source of antioxidants is fish. By eating certain fish - with salmon, grouper, and flounder among the best of them - you can help your body a ton by giving it antioxidants along with important proteins and minerals. You can even increase your intake of antioxidants further by cooking the fish in extra virgin olive oil.

Dark chocolate, red wine, and green tea are three of the easiest ways by which you can get antioxidants into your body. While wine and chocolate are not good for your body when consumed in excess, both are very helpful if you take them in small doses. And as for green tea, it is a thoroughly relaxing way by which to introduce extra antioxidants into your body. Each of these is an easy, pain-free way to introduce antioxidants into your body, and to consequently keep yourself healthier.

Even though it is easy to not pay attention to what we put into our bodies, it is nearly as easy to actually pay attention! And in addition to being relatively easy, paying attention to what you put into your body will keep you healthy, and it will increase your enjoyment of life.

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