Sunday, September 13, 2015

Exploring The Benefits Of Being Alone

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If you are naturally an introverted person, you do not need to be told that it can sometimes be beneficial to be alone (in fact, you might need to be reminded that it is also beneficial to be around other people!), but if you are an outgoing extrovert, it is important that you also become aware of the benefits inherent in spending a little bit of time alone.

Because of the magic of the "infromation age," people are always able to be connected to others; even when you are at home by yourself, you can talk on the phone to people, text people, send emails, and interact with your friends using such social networking sites as facebook and Twitter. In addition to these things, there is a great availability of television shows and movies that can distract people when they are alone, and as a result of all these things, it is rare indeed for most people to actually experience genuine silence.

Silence provides an individual with their greatest opportunity for introspection and self-awareness, and not only do times of introspection and self-awareness lead an individual to be able to constantly improve their own self, but these times of silence (of introspection, of self-awareness) also enable a person to use their mind for unique, creative, individualistic thought.

Many people do not know their own self as well as they should, because of this perpetual lack of silence in their lives, and because of this, they rarely create or pluck their way through thoughts that have any sort of depth or permanence.

It is even important for extroverts to make room in their life every once in a while to simply be alone, enjoying the beauty of solitude and silence; when you put yourself in this position with regularity, you will start to see a change in your self-awareness, in your thought processes, and in your overall level of success!

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