Saturday, September 12, 2015

How To Get The Most Out Of Netflix

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If you have a Netflix account, you might be one of those people who absolutely loves Netflix, or you might be one of those people who wonders what on earth it is about Netflix that causes so many people to say they love it! If you fall into the first of these two categories, chances are pretty good that you are taking the right steps to make the most out of your Netflix account, but if you fall into the latter of these two categories, you are probably doing a few things incorrectly, which is putting you in a position where you do not enjoy Netflix quite as much as you should.

One of the best things about Netflix (that is to say, one of the things about Netflix that those who love it enjoy the most) is that it does a great job of suggesting movies that the owner of each account will truly enjoy; if you do not rate your movies, however, Netflix will have no clue what to suggest to you – so make sure you rate every new movie you see, and even go back to rate every movie you have seen in the past!

Another thing that can prevent you from getting as much out of Nettflix as you should is failing to use the Queue; make sure you not only set up the movies you want to see immediately, but also set up the movies you want to see down the road, as this will enable you to continue to send back movies and get new ones right away.

And of course, one of the best features of all about Netflix is the “Instant Play” option; take advantage of all the movies that Netflix makes available through “Instant Play,” and you will have a lot more viewing options than you would otherwise have.

You will get a lot more out of your Netflix account than you were getting out of it before when you take these steps – and you will finally understand what it is about Netflix that makes people love it so much!

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