Thursday, September 10, 2015

Things to Remember When Backpacking

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One of the best ways to get outside and enjoy nature - and also, one of the best ways to give your body a great workout - is to take a backpacking trip for a day or two, but while backpacking can be a lot of fun, it can also be a bit dangerous (for both yourself and the environment around you!) if you are not making sure to keep these important backpacking tips in mind.

The daytime is the first area where you need to focus on "remembering" things, as this will likely be when you will be spending time hiking; because hiking is innately adventurous, a lot of people see a hike as an opportunity to "leave the beaten path" and explore, but when you are backpacking, remember that the path is there for a reason - stick to the path so that you do not get lost, and frequently pause to make mental markings of landmarks along the trail (and of course, you will also want to pause every once in a while to rest and to truly soak in your surroundings!).

When you reach the nighttime portion of your backpacking adventure - that is, the "camping" portion - one of the most important things for you to remember is that you are not supposed to set up camp directly on or directly alongside the trail; make sure you are going off the trail a little ways to set up camp, and make sure you know exactly which direction the trail is in, and then, once you find a good spot, you can set up your tent and start your fire (making sure it is far enough away from the tent that cinders will not catch it on fire!), and enjoy your evening outdoors.

And in the morning, you will want to make sure that your fire is completely out, and that you are not leaving anything behind that was not there before. You are saddling yourself with a responsibility to take care of all the beauty around you when you go backpacking, so be conscious of every bit of trash you are creating, and take the time to scan the area you used to ensure you are leaving it just as beautiful as you found it!

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