Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Skin Care Advice for Mature Women

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As you're aging, are you noticing changes in your skin?

As you mature, you'll probably notice some significant changes in your skin tone and health. Laugh lines, "elevens" between your eyes, those little creases on either side of your mouth--we all have them. You may also notice your skin becomes thinner, and less elastic. Don't get upset; be proactive and establish a new skin care routine perfect for aging skin.

Be sure to wash morning and night with a very mild cleanser such as Cetaphil (or the generic formula of). If you happen to have adult-onset acne, be sure to stay away from the anti-acne programs aimed at younger skin (Proactive and the like). Try something mild and natural like Dermalogica's acne wash and gentle rice powder scrub which will exfoliate without irritating skin. Make sure to always, always, always use SPF 30 sunblock, and to freshly put on more before going out in the sun.

Don't tan at all, ever. Don't do it, not even when on a tropical beach. Be the palest person on the beach; you’ll also be the person with the fewest wrinkles when you return to that beach in ten years. Use a hat, stay under the umbrella, and enjoy your beautiful skin.

If you've suffered skin damage, use Dermalogica's Multi Vitamin Power capsules. When you crack open the little capsule, you'll discover a wonderful mixture of vitamins C, A, and E, which feels amazing on your face. Your face will be firmer, healthier, and glowing after regular use.

If you don't like those fine lines around your eyes, start using iS Clinical Youth Eye Complex, which stimulates collegen production. Once you're using quality products, you'll find you only need to dab on a little to see vast improvements in your skin.

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