Sunday, February 14, 2016

Having A Fun Staycation

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It is always nice when you are able to embark upon a summer vacation, but as "nice" as it is to take a vacation, it is not always possible; sometimes, it is not possible because of money, and other times it is simply not possible because of time, but regardless of the reasons why a vacation will not work for you and your family this summer, the key is to find a solution instead of dwelling on the problem. And if you are looking to make up for "not being able to" go on a vacation, there are not many ideas that are better than the idea of planning a "staycation" for your family to enjoy together!

"Staycation," of course, simply means that you are all staying at home, but you and your family are treating it like a real vacation - and when it comes to having a fun staycation, making sure your family treats it like a real vacation will be the first step; shorten the time of your staycation (if you would usually take a week-long vacation, make your staycation 3 days!), but make sure everyone in the family knows that you will all be treating it like a real vacation!

Once you have gotten everyone in your family to set aside the days during which you will be having your staycation, you will want to make sure you establish what all of you will "not do" - as in, none of you will be working during the staycation, and none of you will be leaving the house to hang out with other friends!

And step two will be that you establish the things that you will plan "to do" while you enjoy your staycation; make sure the days are planned out and as packed with fun as possible, and you will be on the road to success!

You are not precluded from having fun just because you are going to be unable to head out of town this summer; keep these tips in mind, and plan a staycation that everyone in your family will remember for years to come!

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