Thursday, February 25, 2016

How To Get Friends To Help You Move

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Most people would not say that moving is much "fun," and it is certainly not very easy, but no matter how "not fun" or "not easy" moving is, it is still something that must be done every once in a while, and if you are going to do it (and are not going to spend big bucks on a moving company to help you out!), it will help the process of moving go a lot more smoothly if you gather together some friends who can help you during the move! Of course, if you have a group of close friends (friends you have perhaps even helped move in the past), getting them together for a day will not be terribly difficult - but if you do not know how to handle this situation properly, you may never be able to get these people to help you ever again!

One aspect of the move - and of getting friends who will help you move - that will be important is that you make sure you are organized and ready to move when "moving day" arrives: do not be packing on moving day or running around trying to get things together, but instead, have everything packed up and organized and all set to go!

Another thing along these same lines that will be important is that - before moving day comes - you already have everything you will need for the move (except, of course, for the people themselves!), which means that you should have a moving truck lined up, you should have blankets ready for protecting your furniture, you should have a dolly for moving heavy pieces of furniture, and you should have all necessary tools ready for removing heavy appliances such as your washing machine and dryer.

And perhaps the most important thing of all when it comes to having friends help you move (the one thing that can make up for all the work your friends have put in to help you!) is that you provide food for everyone, planning well so that everyone will have time to relax and hang out and have a bit of fun at the end of the day!

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