Sunday, February 21, 2016

How To Prevent House Fires

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If you have ever been in a house fire yourself, you understand how frightening they can be, especially because they are always so unexpected. Of course, there are the typical house fires - caused by such things as stoves and ovens and negligence - but there are also the house fires you can do nothing about. For instance, the electrical wiring on your outdoor air conditioning units might snap and catch the outside of your house on fire; or the line to your dryer might overheat, and the insides of your walls will be in flames long before you realize it. In spite of the fact that there is sometimes nothing you can do to prevent certain kinds of house fires, there are preventative measures anyone can take to lessen the chances.

Firstly, you should make sure someone comes out and checks all your electrical wiring at least every other year; this will significantly decrease the chance of an electrical fire occurring. You should also have your chimney checked each year, as an uncleaned chimney is a fire waiting to happen when you use your fireplace!

Fires that start because of your dryer can take a long time to catch, and can therefore be devastating. But one measure you can take is to never start your dryer and subsequently leave the house; if you run your dryer, you should be in the house.

Of course, you should also check all smoke detectors in your house regularly, making sure they are in perfect working order, as smoke detectors can save your life. And finally, you need to make sure you avoid the small mistakes people make that cause fires; in this way, you can avoid fires yourself. If your stove or oven is not in use, turn it off; if you enjoy burning candles, blow them out before you leave the room; if you have appliances that do not have to be left on, do not leave them on!

Too many people fail to take the steps necessary to prevent fires, instead subscribing to the thought that "it won't happen to me." But you will be better off taking proper measures to ensure that it does not happen to you than simply hoping and being proven wrong!

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