Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tips For Becoming Better At Birding

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Plenty of people find that they really enjoy birding (what others might call "bird watching"), but if you are thinking about taking up a bit of birding yourself, you should realize that it is not nearly as much fun if you do not know what you are doing! If you are thinking of trying your hand at birding (or if you already do some birding and are looking to become better at birding), here are a few tips that you should keep in mind.

Attend a guided bird walk: In most cities, there are parks associations that offer free, guided bird walks, which is a great way to learn some of the techniques for birding and to learn what a number of the different birds are that you are seeing on your walks.


Binoculars: There is no need for you to invest in a birding scope until you are certain that birding is "the hobby" for you, but up until that point, you should always make sure you have a decent pair of binoculars with you when you go out.

Bird guide: The Sibley Guide To Birds is by far the best guide to birds on the market, and it will help you quite a bit in your birding activities; if you do not want to lug the complete copy around with you, you can pick up a more condensed edition that is specific to your part of the country.

Know when to go: You are more likely to see different birds if you go out in the spring or in the fall - during migration season - and on a day-to-day basis, your best times to go out are between six and nine in the morning and right before sunset, as birds are most active during these hours.

Once you start to follow these steps, you can become better and better at birding; and as you continue to become better at birding, you are going to find that you enjoy it more and more!

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