Saturday, May 2, 2015

Portable Shade Options

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I love as a parent watching my kids play outdoor sports in the summer. Not only can I be a proud parent, but I get to spend some time in the sun and fresh air. Being outside is great as long as it isn't 90 in the shade. What are your options when you are at a sporting event and in the sun with little shade? Here are a few suggestions that may help you along the way.

For larger groups a canopy tent  is a great option for providing a lot of shade. This popup shelter runs ten by ten and has a heavy polyester roof for protection. It protects you both from the harsh sun and from the rain as well. When you have a lot of wind it might be smart to look into a windbreak for the tent. This provides you with more sun and rain protection.

For smaller groups another great option is a sport umbrella. These usually have a high sun protection but are very convenient and lightweight as far as carrying them around. The super large umbrella also has built in flaps to help provide extra sun protection. This is super easy to put up and take down very easily.

fold up chair with a personal canopy is another fun option if you are just looking for a bit of extra shade. It is a compact easy to use system that gives you a little extra shade. Both lightweight and easy to fold up. It is a great option to have in the car for those hot days you want to spend some time outside.

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