Sunday, May 10, 2015

Tips For Getting A Job As A Fire Lookout In the Forest

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If you have ever taken the time to dive into Jack Kerouac's book “The Dharma Bums,” you may have become fascinated with the idea of working as a fire lookout; of course, if you are in search of a “career," this would not exactly be the best route to go, as working as a fire lookout is a seasonal job, but if you are looking for something different – something that will give you an experience you can remember for years to come – working as a fire lookout is certainly a great idea, and while fire lookout jobs are less prevalent than they used to be, you can still find some available.

A job as a fire lookout entails living in the mountains for anywhere from several weeks to several months, where you will be pretty much be removed from society; during your days, you will be expected to keep a log of the visual activity you see as you watch for fires, but other than these sporadic responsibilities, your days will mostly be filled with whatever you want to fill them with. Of course, since you will be in the woods all by yourself, there is not exactly a whole lot with which you can “fill your days,” which is why this is not a job that would be perfect for everyone; however, if you feel that it would be advantageous to you to truly “get away from it all” for a number of months, escaping the hubbub of everyday life and immersing yourself in nature, being a fire lookout presents the perfect opportunity.


If you have an interest in being a fire lookout, you should visit the Forest Fire Lookout Association's website; on this website, they provide information that about being a fire lookout, and they provide job leads and information on each state's fire lookout posts. When you find how many people are interested in being a fire lookout, you may be surprised, so realize that interest in the job does not automatically mean you will get the job, but this is definitely something worth pursuing, and the Forest Fire Lookout Association website will give you everything you need in order to pursue it!

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